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VETOFLEX at Hamburg derby 2024

You'll find our stand #23 on spot called "Halla - Platz“. We're looking forward to meeting you in person!

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About Hamburg derby

The Hamburg Jumping Derby is one of the competitions with the longest tradition in the equestrian world. It was held for the first time already in 1920, when the course on the racetrack in the Hamburg suburb of Klein Flottbek was built for the first time by Eduard Pulvermann, an important rider of the time.

The most interesting fact is that the route of the competition has hardly changed for 100 years. Riders on a 1,250-meter course will complete 17 obstacles with 26 jumps.

Given the dimensions of today's obstacles, the difficulty of the course lies not so much in the height and width of the jumps (however respectable many measures are), but above all in the length of the course and the terrain character of the obstacles.




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