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Compression bandages VETOFLEX®

The lymphatic system in horses is powered by skeletal muscles, which through their contractions help pump lymph in the right direction back into the central circulation. However, horses do not have muscles on the distal parts of their lower limbs, and tendons cannot replace this function. Therefore, the lymph often stagnates on the lower limbs and there is a typical swelling of the distal parts of the limbs, the so-called windgalls.

Newly developed VETOFLEX® compression bandages significantly help maintain the proper flow of lymph and thus prevent its stagnation and accumulation in the limbs. The unique method of seamless weaving and the materials used make it possible to use graduated pressure on the desired parts of the body. The properties of the material and the special shaping predetermine the products for use not only in clinical practice in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions, but also maintain functionality and safety during everyday normal use.

The computer-controlled production process, which is currently amongst world's top class, enables the individual production of non-standard sizes as well as solutions to exceptional situations brought about by real cases. The bandages are made of a highly elastic material that was specially developed for human medicine. It has been used here for many years and is still being improved for use for faster regeneration after exercise, therapeutically, for example, for swelling of the limbs due to damage to the lymphatic channels.

compression bandages for horses vetoflex bandage


Bandage Classic

  • top care for horses' legs
  • limb nutrition and prevention of swelling
  • better and faster regeneration
  • simple handling
vetoflex bandage classic silver


Bandage Classic Silver

  • contains antibacterial silver thread
  • for horses with sensitive skin
  • stronger circulation support after injury
  • better nutrition of the limbs and prevention of swelling
compression bandages for horses vetoflex bandage classic ice


Bandage Classic ICE

  • double effect: compression and cooling
  • indispensable for tendon injuries
  • effective after sports strain
  • a useful aid in every stable
bandages for horses vetoflex bandage leon


Bandage Leon

  • effective help with phlegmon
  • supporting the treatment of lymphangitis
  • anatomical shape
  • contains antibacterial silver

We offer individual solution for your horse.
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