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In order to determine the correct size of compressive bandage it is necessary to measure the affected leg at several specific points (see downloadable picture). Measurements must be taken repeatedly – in the morning, around noon and in the evening. If your horse is exercised heavily during the day, take another set of measurements immediately after exercise.

Yes, bandages can be washed using regular chlorine-free washing powders and liquids. It is not recommended to use fabric conditioners, especially for products containing silver, as the conditioners reduce the efficacy of silver. There is no need to panic if you have already done so as the film created by the conditioner will wash off next time.

Compressive bandages Vetoflex can be used while it is raining or when riding through water. Just keep in mind that wet bandages will lose some of their compressive effects (the fabric stretches a little) that will be restored once the material dries again.

This depends on what bandages are used. A preventative bandage is designed to be used over longer periods of time. Therapy bandages are intended to deal with acute symptoms. Once these symptoms subside it is recommended to switch to preventative bandages.

Yes, you can. In such a case we recommend using bandages containing silver as it can accelerate healing of small scrapes and bruises.

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