New to the Czech equestrian market are VETOFLEX® bandages for horses and other associated products specially developed by a team of experts in the fields of orthopaedics and physiotherapy of both human and veterinary medicines with a special focus on the circulatory system.

A unique technology of seamless weaving of carefully selected yarns, combined with a computer-controlled manufacturing process, enables the creation of targeted pressure areas over different body parts to achieve the optimum compression required.

The bandages are made of a highly elastic material originally developed for human medicine. As human medicine has already been relying on the material for a number of years it has also provided valuable feedback to its further development. It is regularly used to accelerate recovery after exertion and as a therapeutic aid in treating swellings in extremities caused by impaired lymphatic function.

The bandages are tailored to the target animal and its size. They are anatomically shaped to fit the equine leg and to achieve the desired effects and ensure high levels of comfort and safety.

VETOFLEX® bandages can be used in healthy animals as a preventative measure forestalling swelling in lower legs and maintaining proper circulation e.g. overnight or when on box rest promoting faster regeneration. As a therapeutic measure VETOFLEX® bandages help to maintain good lymphatic circulation in limbs and prevent lymph accumulation in lower limbs.