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We love horses. The close relationship with these animals resulted in the construction of a family equestrian park in Opřetice and an interest in show jumping.

Horses are an integral part of our lives and days. We pamper them and try to give them the best.

In 2012, while participating in the Czech Republic Championship, my horse was injured and could continue only if no dirt got into the wound and without the area getting bruised in any way. Further participation in championship competitions was no longer possible for us.

However, thanks to the family's experience with humane aids and medicines, we began to wonder whether it is realistic to somehow solve these situations. We thought about a bandage/sleeve with which the horse could race without restriction of movement and at the same time promote his health.

The idea slowly began to materialize. We put together a team of people who understand veterinary issues, teamed up with textile manufacturing experts and consulted everything with professional riders.

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vetoflex bandage

After a year of testing, choosing the most suitable material and workflow, endless meetings and business trips, we finalized our first product - compression bandages for horses.

We have gradually expanded our range to include other products from the field of compression therapy for horses, and we have used the experience we have gained in the creation of socks for riders.

All VETOFLEX products support the circulatory system, primarily by significantly stimulating the lymphatic system.

The products are designed by orthopedists and physiotherapists, knitted by the most experienced knitters in the Czech Republic on a unique Japanese machine and, last but not least, tested by the leading coaches and riders of various equestrian disciplines.

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How our products help

In May, my mare ZPIKEY suffered from phlegmon on her rear leg from the small watery sores that often appear with the arrival of heat. Despite the treatment, an infection got into the leg. Nothing unusual for horses... after 14 days of antibiotics the leg kept swelling while standing in the box. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kateřina Vašáková for the advice and delivery of the VETOFLEX compression bandages.

Within 3 days, the swelling had reduced to such an extent that I could return the borrowed XL bandage and start using the L size. The bandages really have a positive effect on lymphatic swelling. We can "jump over puddles" again ... I highly recommend and thank you very much!❤

When the horse is under extreme exertion, the most exertion is put on the ligaments and tendons of the lower limbs. For this reason, compensation is necessary to maintain all elements of the locomotor system.

From my own experience, I can confirm that Vetoflex compression bandages are a great help to the lymphatic and blood system during extreme exertion. In severe cases, natural compensation may not be sufficient for the regenerative function of the locomotor system, therefore it is advisable to use a Vetoflex compression bandage.

The result of using bandages is best shown by the final result of their use, which can greatly surprise those who are willing to try Vetoflex bandages. From my own experience, I can say that I was very positively surprised by the effectiveness of Vetoflex bandages, that is why I can only recommend Vetoflex bandages to everyone.

Bandages were recommended to me by Dr. Vítek for my gelding after a racing career, who used to have long-term swelling of his rear legs. The swellings always appeared mainly in the morning, when they were very visible from the hoof to almost the hock joint. The swelling reduced only after work. Mr. Vítek gave me Vetoflex bandages to try.

Immediately after the first use, in the morning the horse had legs like a foal, they do not get so nice even after work. No swelling, nothing. The owner of the stable says that if he does nothing during the day and stands in the paddock, they get a little swollen during the day (he only wears the bandages at night), but in the morning after the bandages they are no longer swollen. He'd never had legs like this in the morning before. This solved our long-standing problem.


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