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The project to develop a new type of bandage is nearing completion!

We would like to thank the Central Bohemian Innovation Center for supporting us!


The goal of the project was to create a functional prototype and a new industrial one pattern of a special compression bandage for the treatment of lymphangitis and phlegmons in horses, with predominant swelling localized under temporomandibular joint.

For this type of swelling caused by inflammatory process in the area of the lymphatic pathways of the horse's leg at the present time there is no special therapeutic agent. Because compression therapy has proven itself in the treatment of diseases of lymphatic channels and lymphatic swellings in both human and veterinary medicine and the company VETOFLEX manufactures the market a proven own product – a compression bandage for the sphincter joint and shin, will create an innovative compression type bandages a breakthrough in the treatment of this type of equine disease.

The working name of the new compression bandage prototype is "VETOFLEX LEON BANDAGE". The project aims to design and create the optimal shape of the bandage with taking into account the predetermined size range of limbs. IN design a pilot sample and confirm the material by testing product composition with regard to the possible extension to variant s antibacterial silver thread and make the final functional prototype separately for each size.

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