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VETERINARY AND FLEXIBLE... That's VETOFLEX. A new line of products for horses and riders manufactured with the greatest care in the Czech Republic, it is about building the first complete line of compression therapy products for horses ever. Our philosophy is very simple - we want horses and their riders to feel good and to be able to enjoy daily healthy movement. And that's why we develop exceptional products that support the circulatory system, primarily by significantly stimulating the lymphatic circulation.

The entire line of VETOFLEX products began with a compression bandage and, thanks to excellent results in testing and the enthusiasm of a number of experts from the ranks of human and veterinary orthopedists and physiotherapists, began to expand to other products for horses and their riders.

Our priority is absolute quality, which is why we use only the best and highest quality materials for production. All products are designed by orthopedists and physiotherapists, knitted by the most experienced knitters in the Czech Republic and tested by leading trainers and riders of various equestrian disciplines. We are lovers not only of animals, but also of nature, so we use fibers made from 99% recycled materials, thereby creating values that are good not only for our planet, but also for the future of generations to come.